Coping with Overwhelm - Reversing Negative Thinking - Reversing Anxiety - Helping you to live a Brilliant Life

I come from a little village called Doolin on the west coast of Ireland. I am very lucky to live in such beauty as my home/office overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands and I am only a few minute’s drive from the Cliffs of Moher. 

I am a wife and a mother to 2 beautiful young children but I always felt like I was going around in circles day in day out, never achieving anything I wanted to.  Each day rolled into the next and I was always feeling stressed, overwhelmed, feeling low feeling stuck. But I always felt like I had to put on the brave face and pretend everything was great. On paper everything looked great but inside I was seriously struggling. It took me a long time to realise that if anything was going to change I needed to go inside and do the work. 

As soon as I took responsibility for myself and for my personal development everything started to change. I found Moira Geary and absolutely loved her work as it was so profound and simple and it proved to have amazing sustainable results. Through working with Moria and working on my own confidence and beliefs I made the decision to open my own practice as I felt people needed to become aware of this work and I absolutely love seeing the difference and change in people when they realise their past does not determine their future. 

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I am now able to teach my clients a blend of different techniques that will take them to a place of feeling calm, prosperous, and stress free. I love seeing the excitement on their face as they realise that they can achieve anything they want as the emotions of the past are not triggering them and keeping them stuck.

Take the time to become your authentic beautiful self and own your own story.

I look forward to working with you.

Yvonne xx

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