Forgiveness Programme

Why Forgiveness?

We all have experienced something in our lives or times in our lives where someone has been critical of us, been mean to us, bullied us, harsh relationship breakup, marriage breakup that had a really deep hurtful effect on us. Maybe you had very critical parents when growing up that never praised you or that were very critical. All these thing effect what we call our self-image and in order for us to move on with our lives we have to release these memories, these stories these beliefs these thoughts these situations from our bodies so that we can move forward.

When we have been hurt in any form, whether it was a breakdown of a relationship, down to anything like a miscarriage, loss of someone we loved, whatever it may be, that loss that hurt that pain builds up inside of us and in order for us to fully move forward we have to make peace with it and that’s what the forgiveness letters are all about. Making peace with that person, situation that has in a sense time locked us because when we are caught up in the emotion of the pain/hurt sadness and grief we are stuck, we are stuck in a time and we can’t move forward.

No matter what we do on the outside every time we get to move forward or be doing something the demons, the fear, the worry, the hurt comes out to sabotage our growth.

A lot of this will come from your childhood, from critical people from been told to shut up a lot, not been praised, never given a compliment, been insulted degrading criticism whatever it was it has a profound effect on us and especially our confidence.

The people who done this to us they can’t help it as they don’t realise what they are doing. It is so subconiously embedded in us that it can take us a very long time to realise that there was no truth in anything that was said to you. It can takes us a very long time for us to realise that

It is I that decides my worth, my values, my abilities, not somebody else

I decide that I am loveable and who loves me, I need to take responsibility for who, or what I am and what I am doing and that starts from releasing ourselves from the emotional pain, emotional prison that we have been in – not been good enough – not been pretty enough, why would he like me anyways, not been smart enough, not been loveable enough what you would have grown up with.

We need to release that inner critic. You look at children who grew up and they were constantly praised and their parent’s siblings were always encouraging them. Well done Brain, you are amazing, you are so clever no matter what they did they always got praised. They were so proud of them and they were always told this, it will build up your self-worth, and your self-belief, things don’t know you down, but if you didn’t have this growing up then whether it is true of not you believe you are not good enough etc.

From a young age roughly 0-7 we absorb in everything we see and hear, we are like sponges we take everything on board and take everything to be fact. Because we haven’t developed our own thinking at this point so if it’s told to us, we believe it, taking everything in, that’s why does early years in any child is so important and are so influential in our overall lives. Those are the years we decide who we are and what we are going to do.

Some people are amazing and they can take all that negativity they may have received as a child and use it to their advantage, however for a lot of us it keeps coming back up and sabotaging our growth.

When you understand the power of forgiveness the way it can affect our vibration that you have and and the law of attraction, you will understand why we need to do this work.

Do you relate to any of the below issues?

Were you abused as a child?

Did something happen you at school?

Were you bullied at school?

Did you have a teacher that constantly picked on you called you names? Telling you were silly you were going nowhere.

A relationship that really hurt you, they belittle you, made you feel worthless, and used you,

Marriage breakdown knocked your confidence

Did you lose a child or a sibling or parent at a young age, or someone that you were really close to or was very influential in your life?

You may say why would you be angry with them when they died or left you, but you are not angry at them you are angry @ how it affected your life because you are ready at how the of your life was without them.

Maybe you are angry with God- or whatever faith you have.

Angry with life for doing this to you, maybe parents broke up when you were young and your mum and dad left you and you don’t really have a great relationship with them anymore, that can have a profound effect on you,

Our self-critic is our biggest block and this is what we need to disempower!!

This amazing programme consists of what I believe are the 4 most important parts of forgiveness.

*How to Forgive and have lasting results.

*Gratitude and why it is so important.

*Archangel Michael Meditation: helps us to release all negativity and cut our invisible ties that we have with the past.

*Archangel Raphael and the Green Ray Healing Meditation:

All of the above you can get for the amazing price of €29.00 and you will have life long access to all the content.

Are you ready to forgive and feel the relief??

If the answer is YES then click on this link 

and we can get started today!!



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