From Fear to Freedom✨✨✨✨

This transformational programme is for anyone who would love to learn how to

  • Overcome fear!
  • Stop feeling stressed!
  • Stop feeling guilty!
  • Stop fearing the future

It is also for you if you feel any of the following

  • Fear of Failure
  • Lack of clarity about your life
  • Anxiety
  • Struggling in your relationship’s
  • Stressed about money
  • Feeling stuck
  • Constantly self-sabotaging
  • Frustrated with your needs to please people constantly
  • Overwhelm in your business or home life
  • Battling with procrastination
  • Confused about your next steps
  • Stressed

Why work with me?✨✨✨✨

For years I have dealt with my own self thoughts, my own bad self-image.  I have struggled to fit in life and always felt I had to please people. I have always feared life and through my own beliefs and conditioning I stopped myself from fully living life. I never lived in the present moment always worrying about what was next, until I realised that life was too short to live like this and took responsibility for myself and made the changes I needed to make.

Now 3 years later I am a completely different person.

I am free, a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have freedom from the past, freedom from the storms of life.

I am free to choose my own thoughts.

I am free to live my life in calm, steadier waters in a very relaxed way. I have found serenity.

Nothing is holding me back anymore, I am free to live my life the way I choose not the way anyone else wants me to be, or thinks I should be.

Most importantly I am free to be ME, my true Authentic Self

And you can be too!!!!!!

This is a 10 week programme and the beauty of it is it can all be done online. Throughout the 10 weeks you will get…

1 X QTT sessions (gently releasing the stored emotions that are in your body stopping you from moving forward)

You will also learn

–  A simple technique to help you stay present in the moment in any situation.

–  How to step back into your confidence. ………..forgiveness

–  How to disempower your negative beliefs.

–  How to disempower your saboteur.

–  The Golden Rules of Life.

–  How to Anchor positive feelings.

–  The importance of Affirmations.

Weekly check ins through WhatsApp so you have my full support for the 10 weeks.

Through simple easy quick techniques that I have learned I can help you to release and clear your past blocks and guide you to start living the life you deserve.I can get you back on track.
I can help you feel motivated again.

The above course is available to start NOW and all for the amazing price of €497. This price also includes my Time to Shine(Self-Confidence Programme) which is valued at €297.

Payment plans are available for the 10 weeks. €55X10

So whether you are feeling stuck, a bit anxious at times, overwhelmed, down or just know there is more to live, than this course is for you.

Please pm me or contact 087 7717399 if you would like any further details or click on the links to book right now and we can get started.

Pay in Full

Pay in Installments

P. S. If you want to change your life, you have to start by changing the way you are living your life

I sought Yvonne’s help last year to help me break a couple of troublesome cycles I was running in my life. We met over Skype, so I could have the consultation in the comfort of my own home. Yvonne listened intently, guided me with astute questions and enabled me to find my own way to the core of the problem, and to the solution. I found her patience and understanding to be just what I needed at the time. I have a big issue with people telling me what to do (!!) and Yvonne must have sensed this and was very creative in her gentle suggestions and insightful comments. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly. If you are thinking about this – take the plunge – it will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Maggi Geraghty

Having done a few sessions with Yvonne , she has really helped me to move past some issues. She has a lovely way of putting you at ease in her company so that you feel safe to open up and let go of unwanted patterns. She is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her work . I felt supported and guided throughout our work together. I would definitely recommend booking a session with Yvonne. Hazel

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