Reiki is a totally safe, non invasive and relaxing treatment. Reiki come from the Japanese word meaning universal life force or energy.Reiki is a technique where the universal energy is channeled through a practitioner to a client to promote healing, balance and relaxation. It helps heal physical, mental and emotional problems allowing one to feel healthier, happier and more balanced. When we are relaxed, stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal.

A Reiki treatment is a one hour treatment where the client will be fully clothed on a treatment couch, covered with a blanket for comfort. All the clients need to do is relax, smile and enjoy the treatment. The practitioner will hold their hands over the client for a few moments in various positions along the body. Some clients feel heat as the Reiki energy is channeled through them. Some clients feel so relaxed they even fall asleep.


Benefits of Reiki:

  • • Boost the immune system
  • • Reduce Stress
  • • Increase energy
  • • Promote relaxation
  • • Improve focus and clarity of mind.
  • • Enhance self-confidence
  • • Help with the grieving process
  • • Complement other therapies
  • • Accelerate the healing process after injuries and surgery
  • • Benefit chronic and acute medical conditions
  • • Help to maintain health and well-being
  • • Compliments conventional therapies
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